The In-Between Series: The Captured Bird

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The Captured Bird reinterprets and reinvents a suite of children’s music from a 1966 Book of Children’s Songs, a tome recently unearthed at an Ohio rummage sale, received as an unexpected gift. The songs’ original lyrics are preserved, as new and original melodies and compositions are woven from glimmering threads of looped violin, viola, cello, voice, theramin, and percussion, all under projections of the original, magnetic artwork of the book. Hold hands and take flight through a sonic starry-eyed childhood, navigated through the veil of adult eyes and ears. The Captured Bird takes its name from a Russian children’s song in the collection. Musicians include Sarah Morrison, violin and viola; Matt Davis, cello and theramin; Anna Wallace, vocals; and Alisha Erao, vocals.

April 18th, 2016 at The Gallery at Avalon Island in downtown Orlando.

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